You Won't Believe What We Did!!

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You Won't Believe What We Did!! @Welker Farms saved the day!! We need to catch up on some tillage so I called Nick and he brought over the all new Case IH 620 AFS Connect Steiger Quadtrac! This tractor will be around for a few videos to do various work around the farm. Thanks to Case IH and Welker Farms for the opportunity!
The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents by raising awareness of the hazards and by raising funds to equip first responders with the tools and training needed to respond quickly when necessary in the event of a grain bin accident. The funds raised will be used to purchase Grain Bin Rescue kits and training for our first responders.
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Nominate Your Local First Responders: Best point of contact at your department? What equipment does your department/responders need? Is there a specific brand of equipment your community uses as a combined effort with other local departments? Any other information you think we might find useful? Please send request to
Zach and Becky Johnson will assemble a panel of volunteers to review request a distribute donations accordingly.
Funds raised will be distributed to rural first responders to purchase grain bin rescue systems and training.
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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Welker Farms
Welker Farms 8 kun oldin
Wait.... This really happened!?!
Matt Larson
Matt Larson 4 kun oldin
I thought you were out in Montana. Only drove through there once and holy crap I love that state. Way better than Michigan, haha.
Brian King Welding
Brian King Welding 6 kun oldin
All colors matter
Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett 6 kun oldin
Is Case owned by Fiat the car co.?
Wyatt DeAth
Wyatt DeAth 6 kun oldin
Is that the same one welkershad
Dave Ackerson
Dave Ackerson 6 kun oldin
@Mike Pagel Except for Biden winning the presidency! 🤣🤣🤣
iBelieve 11 soat oldin
TGSGAMER Kun oldin
I dont think i ever expected milennial to drive a Case Steiger Quadtrac
biggest D
biggest D Kun oldin
Flat Earth no DOUBT about it #flatearth #MUDFLOODS
Jordan Shoemaker
Jordan Shoemaker Kun oldin
😬😬😬😬 9870 is about ready for injectors
Kevin Boudreau
Kevin Boudreau Kun oldin
They should fire Jim in every episode.
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis 2 kun oldin
You don't have bindicaters?
Parent of Twins
Parent of Twins 2 kun oldin
So there's a spot in your grain bin roof that is supposed to leak corn? No wonder you guys favor those green tractors :)
Aaron O'Hern
Aaron O'Hern 2 kun oldin
That's awesome Zach
Dale Farmar
Dale Farmar 2 kun oldin
What's that red thing lol
scott 3 kun oldin
9:05 what a tease
scott 3 kun oldin
5:40 as a non dog lover, barking dogs when I'm trying to work drive me crazy.
Don Miller
Don Miller 3 kun oldin
So happy to hear that your helping get the grain bin extraction equipment. It means alot to me since I lost my best friend to a grain bin accident
philip loakes
philip loakes 3 kun oldin
Really enjoying your videos, I am an 82 year old retired farmer from Northamptoshire, England. I spent a year as an exchange student on a farm near Hankinson ND in 1959. Great people. Your modern American farm equipment is just mind blowing, please keep showing these videos. Philip Loakes .
simon gagne
simon gagne 3 kun oldin
Great tractor, I drove one in Alberta. Like it a lot !
richardj ellis
richardj ellis 3 kun oldin
Just a thought... Can any of you farmers that have old/unused bins, donate them to the relevant emergency teams?🤔? If each team had a bin, which comprised of let's say, 3or4 rings and the lid with the hatch, they could then practice putting someone inside, with all the harnesses and other relevant rescue aids. It wouldn't have to be very high (3-4 rings would do), just enough to get the feel for what a rescue might look like. As I said, just a thought.! I'm sure that most of you farmers will have SOMETHING lying around, from when you swapped and updated your bins in recent years. 'They', could even have one 'communal' one, that all services can share, and have multi organisation training. Filled with something similar in form to corn/wheat/etc, but made from something synthetic, that doesn't rot or decay. Anyways, you get the idea eh.?!?. Leefittwiya'zorl.😉. Rich UK 🥰🥰🥰.
I’m You
I’m You 4 kun oldin
Did they forget to paint it green?
Brandon Gustafson
Brandon Gustafson 4 kun oldin
🤮🤮 what are you thinking Zach! “Are you okay?”
Matt Larson
Matt Larson 4 kun oldin
If only attaching headers was that realistic in Farming Simulator... I just run full throttle into the thing spamming the Attach button till it mounts haha
Joshua Vogt
Joshua Vogt 4 kun oldin
At 2:20 he’s like we spilled some corn 🌽. I’m just thinking thank goodness 😅 I’m not there to clean that up.
Brian Mencl
Brian Mencl 4 kun oldin
The world needs a little more Zach and Nick right now! Lmao!
Brian Mencl
Brian Mencl 4 kun oldin
You two are gonna be the new Winchester’s!!!
S 4 kun oldin
Keep America Great
Aiden Palmer
Aiden Palmer 4 kun oldin
If I were onyx i would’ve said it the wrong colour... did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?
smart dog
smart dog 4 kun oldin
American Farmers 👍👍 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
smart dog
smart dog 4 kun oldin
Spite or Envy are the characteristics of most thumb downers !!....... My vote, 2 👍👍's Up 🙊 🙉 🙈
James Chamberlain
James Chamberlain 4 kun oldin
so where does the corn go when it comes out of the dryer ? is it sold or stored to be sold later?
Corey Mosley
Corey Mosley 4 kun oldin
Haha awesome video... You look good in that Red machine 😂😂😂
christopher eipers
christopher eipers 5 kun oldin
Nick Welker made my FS 19 map. Welkers farms.
menna Bennett
menna Bennett 5 kun oldin
So this means that there will be a case or quadtrak at millennial farm next year
T Merkley
T Merkley 5 kun oldin
Looks like the temperature is dropping fast up north! We're still having 60's/70's down to 55 for a high at times. Farmers are hitting it hard but not near finished here in Southern Indiana. Good luck and be careful!!! By the way, how much did the Derecheo affect the corn prices over all for the country? Thanks!
toby neal
toby neal 5 kun oldin
All right time to snap your fingers and turn that red thing into a John Deere 9620 RX!
Bradford Lunt
Bradford Lunt 5 kun oldin
That was very cool! What a beast that quad is! Thanks for the videos long tie subcriber!
Walter Mihalecz
Walter Mihalecz 5 kun oldin
Nice piece of equipment
happys104092243 5 kun oldin
Did you give the update on tictok?
Christy Lester
Christy Lester 5 kun oldin
Congratulations, Nick Welker! You got Zach to FINALLY get a good tractor on his farm! Red is the way to go!
Mel Del
Mel Del 5 kun oldin
You sh
Sand Farms
Sand Farms 5 kun oldin
I'm watching this in a 8360rt doing grain cart
Ronald Wallander
Ronald Wallander 5 kun oldin
Very cool very very cool this better than t v
Farmnorway 5 kun oldin
Check out larson farms rubber mats on top of their pit
Cole Holm
Cole Holm 5 kun oldin
The old STS put the X9 to shame by almost doing the same job but not as quick
Teddy 5 kun oldin
ngl i was hoping when you asked onyx what he thought of it that he'd say "yeah and you should put it on a trailer back to where it belongs"
Michael Dorst
Michael Dorst 5 kun oldin
Is this basically a Degelman ProTill in red..... or am I missing something?
SORNO SORNO 5 kun oldin
Seems like the best starting tractor is ole Mo!
David Swezene
David Swezene 5 kun oldin
Well, what do you know... My two most favored Millennial farmers, working the land together! Nice to see you fellows working together to promote farming the Millennial way. Dave from Michigan, a non-farmer that enjoys what farmers do on UZpost.
Strike Eagle
Strike Eagle 5 kun oldin
Unbelievable equipment ! What an operation ! Best of luck !
Charlie Colclough
Charlie Colclough 5 kun oldin
bet hell buy a new quad track
Gerald Richardson
Gerald Richardson 5 kun oldin
All the Farmer's are the Same Helping each other when they need it. So awesome to see is this day and age. Stay safe all of you and Thank you for all you do.
Donnie Constransitch
Donnie Constransitch 5 kun oldin
I heard multiple remarks that you could have said "that's what she said".
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace 6 kun oldin
If all wishes were Welkers then millenniums will plow.
waterskiingfool 6 kun oldin
Never thought I'd see millennial farmer happy to be jumping in a red tractor
Josh Peters
Josh Peters 6 kun oldin
Man I hope you guys made a podcast before Nick went home!
GT BACKYARD 6 kun oldin
Johnder is good
B Stimac
B Stimac 6 kun oldin
There hasn’t been much talk about the Vikings this year. 😂😂
TheFarmingPickle 6 kun oldin
With the moline your kinda driving a white cuz white bought moline
Scott Staples
Scott Staples 6 kun oldin
Reds not bad as long as the job gets done.
Don Parker
Don Parker 6 kun oldin
Awsome job on the fund raising b,
Brad Olsen
Brad Olsen 6 kun oldin
Zach you really are a good kid
Capsaicin 6 kun oldin
the side windows need fluid and wipers. ...but just another thing to maintain.
Ross Davison
Ross Davison 6 kun oldin
Red tractors matter
Craig Slattery
Craig Slattery 6 kun oldin
Once you go red you don’t go back
Rose White
Rose White 6 kun oldin Typical small UK farmer discusssing yields and problems and the horrendous 3 October rainfall. Watch him roll a bog rock across his field!
G *O
G *O 6 kun oldin
You guys are much calmer than last year. Harvest is going well. It's like Christmas in October. Green and Red in the fields.
Rick Matz
Rick Matz 6 kun oldin
A very smart farmer explained to me how to do cold starts. Pull the diesel fuel shut off control to off. Crank it over with no fuel and generate some heat. No fuel makes it easier to crank. The give it fuel and it fires right up. Worked great on all the older diesels. New ones are over engineered making that hard to do. Unless maybe the computer was doing that on the combine in the video.
Rick Matz
Rick Matz 4 kun oldin
@Dry Creek Cattle Co I do not retune anything. Machinery and vehicles are tuned to last their lifetime. There nothing make me madder than coal rolling or some tuned up pickup putting a rock through my windshield at 600 feet ahead. My brother bought a retuned atv and and broke his pelvis turning around in front of his garage.
Dry Creek Cattle Co
Dry Creek Cattle Co 4 kun oldin
@Rick Matz Unfortunately Zach’s 9870 is running on borrowed time and it’s life was shortened significantly when they added horsepower through a computer tune. Those 13.5L engines were plagued with problems from the time they were new even at the factory settings. Won’t be long before it has a catastrophic failure of some sort.
Rick Matz
Rick Matz 4 kun oldin
@Dry Creek Cattle Co my 8820 used to do that alot
Dry Creek Cattle Co
Dry Creek Cattle Co 4 kun oldin
Most likely it lost prime while sitting
Justin Mills
Justin Mills 6 kun oldin
Red and green go great together. CHRISTMAS 🎄
Joe Bowser
Joe Bowser 6 kun oldin
millennial good job
john shumate
john shumate 6 kun oldin
John Brehme
John Brehme 6 kun oldin
Iowa wadena fire department
Brad Loeffler
Brad Loeffler 6 kun oldin
Do the ag cams come with a screen?
Farming - Firefighting and Fun with Big John
Farming - Firefighting and Fun with Big John 6 kun oldin
You look good in red!
ynohtnasudegeh 6 kun oldin
dude you’re so freakin funny sometimes
donovan butler
donovan butler 6 kun oldin
No matter the size, shape, or COLOR
Martin Miller
Martin Miller 6 kun oldin
I know how you can raise the rest of the money you need for grain bin extraction equipment. You and the Welker's can take your stand-up routine on the road. It's sure to draw millions....
Norman Segersgrom
Norman Segersgrom 6 kun oldin
I think you should get one of them Quad tracks we really like ours
Gerald Roth
Gerald Roth 6 kun oldin
This was a dream, right.
Barrett Dodson
Barrett Dodson 6 kun oldin
I’m actually really hurt
MadMax Farms
MadMax Farms 6 kun oldin
Zach, I’m pretty sure that 620 Qaudtrack is slightly bigger than the red tractor your dad bought
Matt Lincoln
Matt Lincoln 6 kun oldin
“Just taking the dog for a walk?” Too funny😂I’ve never seen a farm dog that doesn’t like to hop in Ranger and go for a ride!
john fugate
john fugate 6 kun oldin
What is daddy cornstar going to say about this
JDPower 55
JDPower 55 6 kun oldin
your dad seems like the most chill guy, does he ever get upset/mad?
Tim Barnhart
Tim Barnhart 6 kun oldin
Yes the Welkers came to the millennial farm
Catharina Lausen
Catharina Lausen 6 kun oldin
ZACK ....... I was just sitting down to a steak supper, and I saw your post. I was so upset I had to get up and walk away! ( to get a beer) You gotta watch those Welker folks! They can be a bad influence. The combine was just as upset and didn’t wanna start. Can you imagine having to sit in a shed all Winter with one of those.......
Jarrett Fullerton
Jarrett Fullerton 6 kun oldin
My favorite video every. Epic combo.. Welker and the millennial farmer!
George W.
George W. 6 kun oldin
TJ Bearing
TJ Bearing 6 kun oldin
I'm impressed, I know it was a lot of extra work for this time of year, but you folks did an awesome job with this!
Kyle Gammons
Kyle Gammons 6 kun oldin
I think it’s cool that you and Walkers go to each other’s farms. I enjoy your videos.
Jeff Burnham
Jeff Burnham 6 kun oldin
My uncle worked for Steiger for many years. They build some good farming equipment.
gta man make money
gta man make money 6 kun oldin
Where is the email
Stacy Holt
Stacy Holt 6 kun oldin
Nick had no comment on the corn storm between the bins? 😂
Robert Dietrich
Robert Dietrich 6 kun oldin
Remember it used to be green, just a lighter color!!
Irene Silvers
Irene Silvers 6 kun oldin
Very nice video, thank you.
Mike Pagel
Mike Pagel 6 kun oldin
What ever battery is in the mm you need those in all your equipment. As that battery never dies
Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson 6 kun oldin
When I first saw the case quadtrac I thought I was watching Welker farms but no it was mn millennial farmer WAIT WHAT!
Danny Comfort
Danny Comfort 6 kun oldin
There is an SNL skit that Steve Martin and Bill Murray did back in '79 Called "What the Hell is That" that fits this perfect.
Mike Fitzpatrick
Mike Fitzpatrick 6 kun oldin
Zack, how much do you save per bushel if you dry you own corn vs taking it to the ethanol plant without drying it, or will they even take it?
Farming Hunting an Fishin
Farming Hunting an Fishin 6 kun oldin
What happened to Jim's mustache? Lol
Zach F
Zach F 6 kun oldin
Have I been pronouncing Sukup wrong my entire life?!
Lawrence Kiel-sr
Lawrence Kiel-sr 6 kun oldin
Spillover corn? Wahlah do the finger snap, 👉 .🤏*
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson 6 kun oldin
Great video!
paddymickie mickie
paddymickie mickie 6 kun oldin
Wishing you 2 Gentlemen well , your funny ,one advantage of a Red Tractor .Easier to seen in the early mornings and late afternoons Best wishes to your Daughter Isla and Nicks brother Scott to keep on getting well ,keep up the good work , must be off to work here in Australia
Hivepoweredgenetics 6 kun oldin
2 Men 1 tractor.
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